Our location accepts all PIP (Personal Injury Protection or Auto) Insurance. Please call the location directly at (863)438-2772 to inquire.

First and foremost make sure that you are safe and away from the roadway which may cause a second collision or direct injury to you. Call the police so that an accident report can be constructed by the police officer. If there are witnesses ask if they are willing to stay to make a statement to the police. Exchange insurance information with the other driver. Take pictures of both your vehicle AND the other vehicle of the damage. Also take pictures of any visible damage you have sustained from your accident.  Call 911 if you need immediate assistance.  Call us at (863)438-2772 to set up at appointment to get a thorough physical evaluation and to meet with an attorney if you would like.

It is illegal to solicit an accident victim through telephone or at your home/office/hospital. If this occurs write down the individual’s name and phone number. If you chose to hire an attorney for your accident, give them this information and our information.

Be weary about 1-800 referral services. You best option is either a doctor whom you know or you have been personally referred to for care. Keep in mind, these companies spend millions of dollars a year on advertising, that doesn’t ensure that it’s the best care for YOU.

In 2013, the statute in Florida was changed to only allow you 14 days after your accident to seek treatment. Even if you don’t feel pain immediately, an examination is still recommended. It isn’t uncommon for your pain to begin 72 hours or later. If you didn’t seek treatment within those 14 days you may have additional options; however, your auto insurance will not pay for your medical treatment through PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance.

In the state of Florida each driver is required by law to have $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) regardless of whose fault the collision was. This $10,000 is intended for medical treatment, lost wages and other expenses arising from the collision such as traveling costs. Recovery of costs above that $10,000 would be best discussed with a qualified personal injury attorney. The choice to obtain an attorney is solely up to you.  We can put you in contact with the BEST personal injury attorney’s in the state of Florida.

It can be easy to see big numbers on TV, billboards, newspapers or buses. Remember this number represents the settlement value as a whole and doesn’t include the costs of medical care, repair bills, attorney fees or other various costs. Once again, a quality personal injury attorney will discuss settlements with you, always ask as many questions as you have. An attorney who is quick to have you sign paperwork may not be the best to help you through this difficult time.

Your care is always that, yours. If you are not comfortable with any form of therapy or care, that is your choice and please discuss that with your doctor. You are getting care after a traumatic event, not buying a used car. Our office offers various physical therapy modalities to help aid in your recovery. Your doctor may recommend manipulation, it is always YOUR choice, we are YOUR doctor here for YOU.  There are many different ways to alter the different types of therapy that is personalized strictly for you.  If you are scared or have any questions please ask any of the therapy staff or Dr. Ali Hamtaee at any of your visits.  We are here to help and make you feel comfortable.

If you’re in pain we can help. We have years of experience treating various injuries that result from slip/falls, falls from buildings, falls down stairs, concussions and other various traumatic events that are not caused by you.  Call us at (863)438-2772.

The choice of where you seek care is always your choice. Sometimes a doctor’s office is the same thing as a certain shoe company, it just fits you best. We welcome all second opinions and have worked with several attorneys for personal injury trauma.  We always treat our patients like family.

Everyone is just like DNA, unique. Everyone responds differently to treatment and as such their treatment will vary from person to person depending on their specific injuries. It’s important that you discuss with your doctor all your pain and any concerns you may have. Always tell your doctor about all problems even if they don’t seem to be related to the trauma/accident.  Your care is personalized with us and may have to be altered compared to others based off of your special needs.

The amount of research in the last 25 years has allowed us to focus our treatment based on peer reviewed, indexed journals. This in simple terms means that we understand the science behind injury, we understand the research involving low speed, rear impact collisions, slip and falls and other causes of trauma. We document this information in your medical records to ensure EVERY injury is properly evaluated, documented and treated (or referred to a specialist)

Give our office a call at (863)438-2772 and we will set up an appointment and answer any questions or concerns that you have; after all we are YOUR doctor.

Each State has various laws about the time frame you must seek medical treatment after a motor vehicle collision, slip/fall or other trauma. The best advice is to check with your doctor and get treatment as soon as possible to avoid delayed recovery.

Each state has various policies and requirements. It is important to understand whether this is Bodily Injury Coverage (BI), Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Under/Uninsured Motorist Insurance (UM-Highly recommended), Medical Payment (MedPay) or other various forms of coverage.

Do not wait until your problem escalates. Call us now!