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I am a long-time resident of Polk County. My family moved to Winter Haven when I was just three years old. I attended Garner elementary as well as Garden Grove elementary. I then attended Jewett and Denison Middle School. After that I attended Winter Haven High School my Freshman year and finished up at Lake Region High School where I graduated with honors, held many club positions such as the Student Body and Key Club, and was voted for Most School Service.

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Here at Spine Correction we focus on the integrity of your nervous system, what you put in your body, your body movement, and how you think. These are the pillars of health that will keep you functioning at your best level.

A correctly aligned spine is essential for excellent communication between the central nervous system and your body. The nervous system controls and coordinates the functioning of the whole body. When there is a deviation in the vertebrae it causes irritation to the nerves, and malfunction of the related organ and cells causing symptoms and conditions that may affect that part of the body and affect their health. Chiropractic corrects these deviations in the vertebrae to eliminate pain and normalize the function of the nervous system.

When your nervous system works 100% you get sick less and feel less pain. In our clinic we are experts in the spine and the function of the nervous system. The doctor is willing to improve your health and answer your questions.

At our facility we take care of patients of all ages. We have had the pleasure of taking care of a wide variety of patients ranging from newborns to 100 years old and everything in between. We strive to make sure you live a healthy lifestyle from the very beginning all the way through the course of your life.

In relation to diet you are what you eat! Olympic athletes eat flawless diets so their bodies can perform at their peak. Even if you are not competing in athletics at the Olympic level your goal should be eating a diet full of nutrient dense living foods so that your body can work at the highest level possible. If you eat more alkaline foods versus acidic foods your body will function optimally.

Chronic diseases live in an acidic environment. By nourishing your body with alkaline foods, it will decrease the chances of you suffering from any of these illnesses. Stop by our office to get a list of alkaline versus acidic foods. We are here to ensure that our community lives a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

Getting your spine checked and treated for misalignments along with regular exercise, plenty of clean water intake, and eating alkaline foods will ensure you live a healthier lifestyle.


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