I can't even begin to express how much this doctor has helped me and my infant after an auto accident we were in. This is coming from someone who used to hate the chiropractor and now I'm bringing myself and my infant here weekly.

Audrey Cates

I came to Spine Correction thinking I'd never get better. I have never been so happy to be wrong! Dr Ali is passionate about his work. His genuine concern and care for others as human beings, not just as a patient, is one reason for his success. However, his knowledge and continual research is what keeps him at the top in the spinal wellness field of medicine. Thank you all so much for taking such good care of me!

Dorissa Passmore

I first came to Dr Ali to see if he could help with lower back pain and old whiplash injuries. I couldn't stand for 5 minutes without my legs swelling and pain in my legs and back. In 4 months, I am now spending 8 hour days in the middle of summer doing yard work! The pain is gone, my energy is high and I feel 30 years younger! Dr Ali is also working with me to get a sit / stand desk at work, and has many other opportunities to help me on my wellness journey. I love the family atmosphere in his office.

Karen Libby

The rumors are true... He is a legend!! They whole staff is absolutely amazing from start to finish. We have been so bless to have met and worked with Dr Ali and all the girls. They have helped us to start on the road to recovery as well as help us start a lifestyle change on the road to over all health body, soul, and mind. We wish them every success on their journey!!!

Gina La Foy Velasquez

I can hardly believe how much better I feel after only 3 adjustments. I can look over both shoulders, I can breathe deeper, my posture is already improving and my hips have more range of movement. Just imagine what life will be like going forward! I'm so happy I met Dr. Ali Hamtaee when I did. His staff is just as wonderful as he is. I love talking to Angela and learning new things. Evelyn is equally as knowledgeable and friendly.

Karen Anderson

One of the best decisions I have made. After a few sessions I could turn my head. I had a lot of pain in my arms and neck which now is almost gone. They also recommended a perfect pillow that is fantastic.

Ann Shirer

It's a great place I have been coming for weeks and I feel so much better and the whole staff is very friendly I'm glad I was refer here with Dr Ali

Marcos Rubinos

Great people and caring!!! Always makes sure that you're comfortable while being treated. So many options for scheduling an appointment also.

Christopher Burris

Dr. Ali really cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!!

Hope Onash

Despues de un feo accidente de auto, mi esposo y yo fuimos recomendados con el Dr. Ali. Ha sido una experiencia super positiva. El tratamiento y seguimientro ofrecido por el doctor han ayudad a que nuestros dolores en las áreas afectadas mejoren dia a dia. Y que decir de su staff??? Divinas!!! Brianna, Angela y Evelyn son encantadoras... siempre te reciben con una sonrisa y te hacen sentir super relax.

Lidamar Nieves


Joyce Talbott Williams Ober

I love coming to Dr. Ali. I have never came to an appointment & the staff wasn't on point. The treatments & friendly service are great. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ali to anyone whom need treatment or a place to feel welcomed. Also, the staff is more than willing to work around other schedules.

Andruse Julien

I have been going there for about three weeks now and I have felt very comfortable since before even going there. The front desk service is outstanding in person and over the phone. Dr. Hamtaee is very caring and explains everything very clearly and makes you feel comfortable at every step. The only downfall is that I wish they had massages by a therapist also and not just with the massage machines even though they feel great it's not the same when someone can feel where you are tight.

Mariam Gotay

Sometimes I feel like I have a coat hook stuck in my back between my shoulder blades. I get migraine headaches, and neck pain. And sometimes I get lower back and hip pain that makes my legs go numb. When my body isn't working at 100% I go to Dr. Ali in Dundee. There is no surgery, no prescriptions, and no downtime. I love the way I feel when I walk out of there.

If you are looking for a good Chiropractor, Dr. Ali is one of the very best. If you have pain and have never been to a Chiropractor, I strongly urge you to try Dr. Ali. Try a natural cure.

I wish I could give 100 star rating. I just love going to Dr. Ali.

Patty Sons

Definitely the best I've been,would recommend him to anybody.. Totally made me feel better first few times I have been there. Dr. Hamtaee

Elanie Ann

I've been going to Dr. Hamtaee for a while now and I've been very pleased overall. He is very knowledgable and does a great job teaching me about how big of a part the spine plays in overall health.

Christopher Diaz

We look forward to going to Dr. Ali in Dundee the doctor and staff are super nice I would recommend here to anyone. My experience there is beyond my belief I love it there thank you dr hamate and all the ladies there Evelyn, Brianna, Jennifer and Angela go team go

Andrew Duval

I've been using chiropractic care most of my life. Dr. Hamtaee is, by far, the best doctor I’ve ever seen.  He and his staff are the upmost professional, caring, respectful, friendly group of individuals in chiropractic health facility. I highly recommend Dr. Hamtaee and the staff at AlignLife.

A Liang

I was very skeptical of going to a chiropractor at first. My fiance insisted that I go!! When I met this team they made me feel like part of ther family immediately. Dr. Hamtaee listened intently and came up with a managable plan for his services. Every visit was a pleasant one and I could not say enough about how great everyone was. Very knowledgeable staff that took the time to get to know you as a person. I would recommend Dr. Hamtaee in Dundee Florida to everyone!!!!

Deena Mitchell

I have had the best experience with Dr. Ali in Dundee they really know how to make there client feel like they have chose the right chiropractor.

Anthony Foster

Dr. Hamtaee is, by far, the most thorough doctor I’ve ever dealt with.  His professionalism and genuine concern in dealing with my back issues last year were a relief when going through so much pain physically.  If you are having any similar issues you cannot go wrong with Dr. Hamtaee and the staff.

Stephen Eder

Dr. Hamtaee has been the key factor in my recovery from injuries to my neck and spine after a car accident earlier this year. His staff is professional and encouraging and they run on time!

tinia clark

Hey i have good news, i have a bad back due to a car accident i recomend you to go to Dr. Ali.  I feel 90%

Fritz Baptiste

I love the service, is outstanding, has help me a lot, would recommend it to everybody.

Ana Maria Gome Morales

My experience was great I love staff

Shemmer Johnson

It's a great place to get ur pain out!!!

Efrain Castro

Really great people

Shaun Briand

Me gusta. Pork  pork. Son vien patients  con tu  app y travagan  con tu oraRio de trevago

Lorenzo Ortiz

 Magnifico, es cierto que la quiropractica es efectiva.

Aleida Ruiz

Despues de mi accidente mi Abogado me recommendo con el Dr Hamtaee para que me ayudara de mis dolores y gracias a el me ha sentido mucho mejor. Yo recomiendo ir a este Dr.

Leo Gonzalez

Great experience !

Robin L

Nice !!

Chris Carden

They are good !

carlyne baptiste