Semi/Dump Truck collisions

Large commercial vehicles like Semi Trucks, Dump Trucks, etc. weighing upwards of 78,000 lbs. can and will change your life in a blink of an eye potentially leaving you injured for the rest of your life.

Large vehicle collision

When a car is in a crash with a larger vehicle like a large industrial truck, semi-truck, garbage truck, etc. the outcome can be poor for both parties, but usually more for the smaller vehicle.  The weight of these vehicles can exceed 78,000 lbs. increasing the likelihood for the driver of the larger vehicle to not stop properly.

An example we like to use to illustrate what can happen in one of these crashes is picturing a larger, heavier vehicle crashing into an opposing smaller, lighter vehicle. To better demonstrate this scenario imagine a compact car being struck in the rear by a large truck.  The compact car will sustain a lot of damage and the car will be propelled forward as the energy of the crash gets transmitted through the occupants.  Now imagine if the compact car was imbedded 2 feet in a pool of concrete where it is now much heavier than the truck.  When the truck hits the back of the compact car it no longer moves.  The back of the car may be crushed, but the occupants of the car will not move; therefore, minimizing the chance of injury.

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