Nearly 3 million people suffer from an injury sustained by whiplash every year. Here are some SAFETY FACTS that can save your life as well as the lives of your loved ones:

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-Position the head restraint level with the top of your head and as close to your head as possible.

-If you’re about to be rear-ended look straight ahead, sit all the way back against the seat and head restraint, shrug your shoulders to minimize movement of your neck.  If you are the driver apply the brake firmly if you are already stopped and place your hands flat against the steering wheel.

-ALWAYS wear your seat belt.  At 25 mph the vehicle and the occupants are both going that speed.  If you hit a wall and are not wearing a seatbelt the car stops while the occupant still moves at 25 mph into the steering wheel.  This is equivalent to falling from a 3rd story building.

-The combination of wearing your seat belt along with the activation of the airbag is more effective and decreases the chance of fatality.

-The larger, heavier vehicle is usually safer than the opposing smaller, lighter vehicle.

-Before you purchase a vehicle check the crash test performance at

If you or someone who know has been involved in a motor vehicle crash contact us at (863)438-2772 to asses for damages to the brain, nervous system, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, possible silent fractures, and much more.