Car crash tips


1.) Make sure you and everyone involved is safe after a car crash or any other type of injury to keep everyone away from more harm.
2.) Call 911 and tell them what happened.
3.) Take many pictures of the scene from different angles. If you were in an automobile crash make sure you or someone you know take images of BOTH cars. Not just yours!
4.) Go to the hospital if you find it necessary.
5.) Call us immediately after to schedule a consult, examination, or just to speak to someone about what happened. We are here to help!
6.) Take as much information from the other party as possible.
7.) Talk to noone! This information could be twisted and held against you.


Common Symptoms Associated with Whiplash

Neck pain and/or stiffness



Shoulder pain

Knee pain

Wrist pain

Elbow pain


Pain between the shoulder blades

Mid back pain

Low back pain

Sleep disturbances

Upper/lower limb numbness/tingling

Upper/lower limb pain

Upper/lower limb weakness

Sensitivity to noise

Difficulty concentrating

Blurred vision


Difficulty swallowing




Ringing in the ears

Pain in the jaw or face

and more…

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