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Injured in an accident? We can help!


Auto injuries, in a blink of an eye, can and often will turn your life upside down leaving you with lifelong injuries.

Look no further! A car crash can leave you seriously injured to the point you cannot function with your everyday activities.  You may be in so much pain you have trouble sleeping.  In too much pain to pick up your kids or grandkids? You are scared, confused, and feel hopeless.  Let us help!

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Dr. Ali Hamtaee has been practicing and treating car crash victims for over a DECADE! His primary goal is to give you your life back as soon as possible.  After 10 years of schooling, State and National Boards Dr. Ali Hamtaee has studied thousands of hours with a focus on CAD (cervical acceleration deceleration), more commonly known as Whiplash, injuries and has completed the Advanced Certification program in Accident Reconstruction and Traumatology through the famous Spine Research Institute of San Diego multiple times.  You can visit their website at www.srisd.com. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle crash caused by you or another person’s negligence we can treat you for your injuries and put you in contact with the best personal injury attorneys in the state of Florida to represent you for the injuries you have sustained and may live with for the rest of your life, as well as, helping you with your hospital and other medical bills.

If you or anyone you know has been injured in an accident do not hesitate…CALL NOW at (863)438-2772

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